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My husband and I recently moved to Germany with our 1 year old son. Before he was born, we decided we wanted to raise him bilingual in English and German and that we’d use the ML@H model. We are both native English speakers, but my husband speaks fluent German and I studied it in college. Since I’m at home with the baby, I am relearning German and doing my best to speak it to him. Right now I’m mixing languages. I’ll say something in German, then repeat it in English and vice versa. My husband tends to do the same.

So my main question centers around this: We will now be in Germany for the next 3-5 years and we’re uncertain as to whether or not we should continue the ML@H model with German as the minority language, or speak more English to him to make sure he picks that up.  Will it be a problem (or too confusing) to switch models when we move back to the states? Or, to contintue the same model, but switch the minority language from English to German when we move back to the states?  I welcome any advice you can give!

Thank you!

1. Country you live in: Germany
2. Languages the family speaks: English and some German
3. Ages of children: 15 months, one on the way
4. Language system: ML@H (although right now we’re mixing English and German)


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