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I am a Chinese mother and I think my English is OK. I want to raise my child bilingual. So I only speak English to him, and my DH and other family members speak Chinese. My DS is nearly 7 months old now. I am getting used to speak English to him which I think is a good start. But the issue is since I am not a native speaker, I am not sure if every sentence I speak to him is native or natural. I know it’s not enough to make sure my grammar is correct. I need to talk what native speakers talk to their babies every day. So, I am wondering if any mommy here can help me.

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I want this help too!! I´m Brazilian, and i speak with him every day, but sometimes i´m not sure… my baby have 1 year and 7 months.



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Hi, Danielle,
I’ve got a E-book named “English for Parents” which was written by an American mom for non-native speakers. It helps a lot! You can try to find it. Or, you could leave me your email address here and I could send you a copy of it. You also can send me email at [email protected].

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Sorry. I made a mistake. The above mentioned “English for parents” is not a published book. It’s something a nice American mom provided for non-native English speakers to raise bilingual children. The original title is “US English for Parents Speaking English as a Non-native Language with Their Preschool Children”. Therefore, it is not available on Amazon. Anyone who wants it just feel free to send me email and I would send you a copy.

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I have a similar problem in a reverse way. I am a native English speaker struggling to learn Spanish by myself. I would dearly like to raise my granddaughter bilingually in both English and Spanish.

Any suggestions from native Spanish parents or grandparents?

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i have the same problem, KEVALA, i am a french native speaker, my Dad was spanish, but he almost never spoke to me in Spanish… But I love this language and I would like to speak Spanish with my future baby (and French as well).
I asked to a pscychologist and she adviced me to not speak a non native language with my abby, but i want him or her to grow with my spanish origine…

What do you think about it? Can I speak with my babay in Spanish, even if I make mistakes? Would it be a problem for my baby?

Thanks! [smile]

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Hello. First of all, I’d like to thank you to many people sharing on this site coz I ‘hv picked up lot of useful information.

I’d like to ask how can I should start to teach my baby (14 months) foreign language. I’m Thai and my husband is French. We live in France. Actually, I speak exclusively Thai to my baby (since he born) and my husband speak French. Right now he ‘s really bilangue, but we’d like to introduce English and Chinise. Both of us not speak Chinise, so we’d find a baby sitter for that, but we can afford only 4-6hours/week. Is it enough for him to speak Chinise in the future? As my mom come to live with us for 1-2 years and she can speak only Thai to baby, so I’d start to speak with him in English but my husband isn’t agree coz he afraid ours baby’ll confuse it and don’t get good accent! Another problem for this is my English. I think my English is ok for daily life but I can’t use it to teach baby specific things or knowledges. Then I think is it good if I speak both language to him, but nobody agree with me. They think it will make baby confuse and he’ll mix it up after. I forget to tell that I speak Thai at home with him, but when we are with other people(outside) I need to speak French with him. Can somebody suggestions how I need to do? Another question, I’d teach him to read in Thai and English with Doman’s method too. How should I begin? In fact, for Thai, it’s quite hard to find book here and I don’t expect he’d get hight level of Thai reading. What I want it’s just he can read some Thai (in general), but I expect that he would read, write and understand English and French perfectly. For French, I think he’ll do easily, but for English I’m not really sure. Can anybody tell me what I suppose to start and how should I do?

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