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Hi, i am so glad to come across this forum and i hope i will find someone who could help us with our problem. I have two sons- age 2,5 and 4,5. I am slovak and my husband is italian and we live in Uk. When our boys were born we decided that opol approach will work the best for us- so i speak to them exlusively in slovak and husband in italian,they picked up english at nursery.they use english as main language when they talk to each other. They are doing fine- obviously their vocabulary is tiny bit smaller than their monolingual peers, but i have no concerns there. The problem is that we are about to move to slovakia, so now the majority language will change. Do you think once we are relocated i could start using english even though its not my mother language? Dont you think it will confuse them? Thank you for any advice:-)

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I would like to read a book or articles about the OPOL system.Do you know any?Regards.
Yvonne Tse Crepaldi

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Perhaps you can “gradually” increase the amount of English in your language – not easy but doable.  I have been doing that. I spoke to my boy in Mandarin since birth (he also learns Italian from father and English from nanny and community). He is exposed to tiny Cantonese from time to time when I spoke to friends on the phone or when we visited Hong Kong (my home). When he is 3.5 years old, okay with the 3 languages, I started to inject more Cantonese (maybe from 20 minutes per day? sometimes it’s a song,  a story, talk to him on the way to school, cartoon on youtube) and maintaining the yearly trip(s). So now he is 6.5 and my mixing becomes quite natural. He won’t actively use Cantonese to me, but at least he is not refusing to be spoken to and I think he has a fairly good grasp of understanding. – Just my story for your reference 🙂 Best luck

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