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I know this is a long shot and filled with lots if things waiting to go wrong…..however… would someone attemp to make this work?

I speak spanish quite fluently (for being a non-native speaker). My husband speaks only English. We live in the US so English would be the majority language. I have 2 kids 1 and 4. I know it’s late but better late than never? Would it be worth trying OPOL? How does that work in a community setting…like when our whole family is eating dinner? Would I speak English then too? I realize that unless we do some extensive traveling in a spanish speaking country that they might not ever get to a truly bilingual place with Spanish but please tell me if this would be worth it?

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Hello there,

I’m a Brazilian, father of a 1 year old baby girl. My wife is also Brazilian and I’m an English teacher here. I’m a non-native talker and, lilke you, I feel  very comfortable with my second language.

So I decided to teach english to my daughter from the day one, now she’s 1 year and 3 months old and responding very, very nice to both languages (Portuguese and English).

I use OPOL and don’t talk portuguese with her at all.

I think that you should go ahead and teach your children, it is fraught somtimes but, very rewarding.

you children will thank you in the future, for sure!


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