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Hi, I am bilingual German-Swedish married to a new zealander and living in the uk. We have a 7months old boy and it is important to me that he learns both German and Swedish.
Our son will start nursery soon, where he will be exposed to English. My husband speaks English with him, as it is his native language. 
I currently speak a mixture of German and Swedish, but am struggling to find a consistent pattern.
My husband speaksrudimentary German and we are aiming to make German our family language.
Any thoughts on how we can make it easier for us to switch from English as our couple language to German as our family language?
Also, what can I do to keep Swedish in the mix?

Thanks, Katarina 

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Hi Katarina,
I have a friend tackling a similar problem. She speaks Finnish and Swedish and to teach her children both languages, she uses Finnish on certain days of the week and Swedish on others (I don’t know exactly which days!). The crucial point is that she never mixes the languages, and on the day that is a ‘Finnish day’ she only sticks to that language, and similarly for Swedish. It seems to work for her, but it’s important not to mix.

I hope this help.

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