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Hello –

I am a stay at home mother of an 8 month old.  I am hiring a nanny part-time to teach my child German.  The nanny is solely for the purpose of language instruction.  I’m curious if anyone has any advice on the minimum amount of time I need to expose my child to the nanny per week? The nanny is a native speaker and former language instructor. 

1. Country you live in: U.S.
2. Languages the family speaks: English
3. Ages of the children: 8 months old
4. Language system: OPOL


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I’m wondering how things are going with your nanny. I’ve hired a French-speaking babysitter for my son for the same reason. At the moment it’s only five hours a week (plus an hour’s group French class). He seems to be starting to understand a little (we’ve been doing this for about six weeks) but I’m wondering if I need to increase the number of hours and by how much. (I also speak some French to him at home).

Best wishes,

1. Country you live in: UK.
2. Languages the family speaks: English, French
3. Ages of the children: 2  (son) and 7 months (daughter).
4. Language system: Not sure what to call this!

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