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I am starting to be concern our method to teach the 4 languages to my daughter of three years old.We leave in Barcelona, I am Italian and my husband is Scottish, when my daughter was born we decide to speak with her our native languages ( Italian and English) and between us we speak English. Everything was fine with the Italian, English and Spanish,until when my daughter started the public school where they speak Catalan. She understand everything, but when she speaks she is create her words and she is using words no correctly and when i try to correct she refuse to do it! and  a lot of times when we are not understanding her she gets angry and frustrated. I am thinking that 4 languages are too many! do we need to do  something??

Erik K

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Perhaps other people you know can help her with that  Catalan language. Can you arrange play-dates with kids who prefer to speak Catalan? That will be the best solution.

I have read the information on other parts of this website. If I understand things correctly, it is normal for a three year old to be confused about the different languages. This problem will go away over time.

Do you, and does your husband, speak all four languages? I am guessing not. Maybe it is also confusing to your daughter that you and your husband don’t speak all of the languages. This problem should also vanish eventually.

You and your husband should continue speaking your native languages (Italian and English) at home. Both of you could speak only Spanish in public with each other and with your daughter.


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We have a 3 year old son who can speak 5 languages– so don’t worry that 4 languages is too many.
What has worked for us is that people consistently stick with the language they are supposed to use/speak in. It minimizes confusion.
Maybe you can “act” and pretend you make mistakes when speaking. That way she will feel more comfortable making mistakes and won’t be as frustrated.

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Mona, really interesting! do you mind sharing how are you teaching your kid 5 languages?
We’re teaching ours 3 languages (english, spanish, mandarin). However, she’ll go to an immersion program (k-5 cantonese) in a completely new language for her. So I’m a little bit worry. Nobody in our family speaks the language at the immersion school. At home, we plan to stick one parent one language + english which the community language of our home and country, US)


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