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Dear All,


We live in Brazil and have a 26 month son. Our native language is Portuguese, but I speak to him in English only since he was born.

Around the age of 12 months he was already starting to pronounce a few words that sounded like they should do, yet not clear, but the meaning was there, and that was in Portuguese.

Now we are both concerned as he speaks all the time, but the words and sentences are meaningless, and the words he used to pronounce a year ago have changed, e.g. the word WATER sounded like water (in Portuguese) and now when he wants to pronounce WATER, it just sounds like nothing at all, just like all the other words. 

Could someone give an advice, we are worried at this time and I´m confused whether I should stop speaking English until he is able to speak something understandable.

He is a way behind his colleagues at school on speech skills and we are also afraid it may cause him some frustration in the future if he can´t improve it soon. 

thank you all.



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