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We’re having a baby in 4 days, or even earlier. I’m Turkish and my wife is Kiwi (English) and we live in New Zealand. I’ve been reading lots of articles and read books about raising bilingual kids.
So we can’t decide between OPOL and ML@H. we lived in Turkey for a year and my wife can speak beginner-intermediate Turkish, I’m fluent in English.
First we decided to go with OPOL but the environment we live in is very English based, I have no turkish friends or family. There’s no where I can take the baby to expose him to Turkish. Just 2-3 people in a Turkish restaurant which I can’t take the baby there everyday. So I’ll be the only person speaking Turkish and my concern is baby could just refuse to speak or ignore to respond in Turkish as he might thnik it’s not important as I’m the only speaker.
And we decided to switch to ML@H which sounded ok but my wife’s concerned about making mistakes and worried to speak Turkish with the baby as she can’t speak enough. Also when she goes out during the day does she speak turkish with the baby around friends and family?

We’re really confused and don’t know what to do. Having a ver limited access to Turkish I’m worried our kid won’t speak good enough or totally ignore. (I’ve ordered books and toys from Turkey)

thank you


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