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It is now easier and quicker than ever to post to this Forum. You don’t have to register as a member to join the discussion, but your name and a valid e-mail are still required.

Tips before you post:

Please browse the FAQ and the following two articles before you post. They give you a great background, and answer a large portion of the questions here. One article is about family language system, the other has tips on how to motivate kids to talk your language.

For the readers to understand your situation properly (so you get good answers) please include this information — below your signature is a great place to put it:

1. Country you live in
2. Languages the family speaks
3. Ages of the children
4. Language system (OPOL, ML@H or any other method)

PS. Don’t forget to check the “subscribe” box at the bottom of your post so that you don’t miss any of the replies!

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