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I’ve been trying to think of more ideas to introduce children to written language. As well as the alphabet book I thought I might make a book of animals, vehicles, household objects etc. Thought it might work well with older children as you could get them involved.

I then thought it might be a good idea to make ‘my day’ or ‘trip to the park’ type books starring the child or their favourite teddy/doll. You could take photos for each scene and write a line underneath each picture (eg ‘I brush my teeth’ and picture of child brushing teeth). Older or more able children could read the text and then go off and set the scenes and take the photos.

When I used to teach older special needs children, I sometimes asked them to make little books to give to their little brothers or sisters and this really motivated them as they could see there was a point to it.

I’ve also found a website with some free printable booklets for children to colour in in a couple of different languages. It has quite a few different languages but it would be easy enough to stick words on in whatever language you wanted if yours wasn’t there.

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What great ideas!  We have made little books for our kids in Russian and English for the tips we have taken, but I love the idea of every day play books as well!  I am always trying to find ways to not just teach my kids how to speak, but read and write as well.  Here is a recent post of mine about this topic (My kids are 2 and 5, I live in the US and I am a Native English Speaker attempting to raise my children bilingual Russian/English)  My BFF and I blog about our parenting and once a week post Bilingual Babies – a section for bilingual parenting.  (Her family is English/ Hindi)


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