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Hello everyone
We are expeting a baby and leaving in a multilingual environment we startet thinking about which language system to use.
I am Italian
she is Philippina
we speak english to each other since noone speaks each other language
and we leave in the netherlands

We though at a standard OPOL system supplemented with 3 days a week of Dutch Daycare. In addition the kid will eventually pick up english from us but we are not giving it high priority since the level in the country is quite high and will eventually pick it up.
This will make our kid quadrilingual…..
While thinking at this strategy we read that consistency is a crucial issue.
and here is the problem: As many philippinos my wife is prone to code-switching. That means that she tends to use english words here and there while speaking Tagalog (her native language).

Could this be a problem? We couldn’t find much information about this and wonder if any of you had a similar experience
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