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Lilo Carr Rivera
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My husband and I are expecting our first child. We live in Brooklyn, NY. My husband’s parents are native Puerto Ricans and speak fluent Spanish. My husband was raised in New York and speaks pretty fluent Spanish, though he lapses into Spanglish or English for words he doesn’t know in Spanish. I am a native English speaker. I’ve been studying Spanish on and off for several years and would put myself at at a low intermediate level. My comprehension in good with my tutor, but I struggle with my in laws because of the speed and colloquialisms of Puerto Rican Spanish. My husband and I speak almost exclusively English to each other. I am very committed to raising my child bilingual as I was raised by a German mother who didn’t pass down the language to her children because of cultural pressures. It is possible that my in-laws will be providing childcare services early in the child’s life. I am wondering whether we should pursue OPOL or [email protected].
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So Lilo, which did you settle on, OPOL or [email protected]?
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