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Hi there.

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I decided to give my child the gift of languages… I speak five, so the I know what a huge asset that will be for him.

My native language is Spanish, but I’ve lived in English (so to speak) that for me either language is exactly the same… I make just about as many mistakes in one as the other.

My husband and I decided he would only speak in Spanish to our child and I would only speak in English. He does listen to all the typical nursery rhymes and songsso I am not the only “English source” he has…

Now, I do have an accent… It is pretty subtle but it is there

QUESTION: should I stop talking to my child in English? Will he learn English if an accent if I don’t?

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Hey Val, 
I wouldnt stop speaking English because of the accent. My husband grew up with an American mother in Mexico, his sisters both have an accent, even with a native speaking mom. So you can never be sure they wont have one anyway. And an additional language is a great gift. Go for it! I would get lots of CDs and DVDs for your child so she hears others speaking to! Oh, you wrote they have another English “source” too, great!!

Whats the community language? I guess its Spanish, right?


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