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Lianne Lavoie

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Hi. I live in Canada. My boyfriend and I only speak English (I’m working on German, and later on want to learn Esperanto). We don’t have kids yet.

When I have a child, I’m considering having ASL as one of the languages. What I wonder is, how would that fit into the language systems? I certainly wouldn’t want to be non-verbal with my child if he/she has perfect hearing. Would it be confusing if I used English and ASL, perhaps signing as I said the same thing?

I’d also like him/her to learn French, as it’s so very useful in this country, but only my dad and my aunts, uncles, and cousins on his side of the family speak French, so I’m not sure the child would see them enough for it to really catch on as a primary language.

I would do Esperanto, but since I’m not going to start learning it until I’m fairly proficient in German, I may not have time to learn it well before having a child, but we’ll see!

Thanks for any tips!


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