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OK, this is entirely for the sake of being silly, but don’t you think we multilingual mammas and pappas need a S L O G A N or a catchphrase?

The Freemasons have their secret handshake and password, the 70s had its catchphrases (“Keep on Truckin’ “) that helped create a cohesive social identity, so did the 80s (“Stop Disco”) and 90s (“Been there, done that”).  Just for the sake of silliness, I thought it would be fun to see if anybody can come up with anything that all us multilingual parents could relate to that would make a great ficticious bumper sticker.  OK here are my first attmepts:


“Laugh in another language”

“Alphabet Soup”

“It sounds worse in English”

“Parseltongues Rule”

“Harry Potter is Bilingual”

“Parle/Habla/Snakka/Tala Mama !” (sorry if I massacred your language)

“My children are tongue twisters” (I told you this is just to be silly)


Anybody else up for a bout of late night silliness, or am I the only geek?





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