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Manuel Gimenez

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Dear sir or Madam:
My situation is a bit different than the others´ in this site, but i hope you will be able to help me. Me and my wife are spanish parents who are very interested in his son to improve his english level. He is 16 years old, and he is got a very good english level, better than mine. He can understand films and songs almost perfectly, and he has a very good vocabulary and grammar, MUCH better than most of the people of his age. The amazing thing is that his english level is neither because he has been studying at a bilingual school,  nor because he has travelled a lot (he only left Spain last year when he visited Ireland, and 3 weeks there cost us aroun 3500 euros).
He learnt most of his english because he loves the languages, so since he was 12, he has been watching films and reading books both in english and french. 
We would like him to visit another country and learn the language, without spending a fortune on it. We were thinking about some kinda exange maiby, i mean he is VERY willing about going there, so maiby he could take care of a child and talk him in Spanish, talk with the rest of the family in english and in return he would be given logement, food, and affection.
We are still very open to any option you can offer us (camps, associations, programms, …)
Thank you very much for your time.

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