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Hallo Tosomja,

I am sorry that this is becoming a private controversy between us, I don’t think that is what a forum is for, but I feel that you are misrepresenting me, and feel obliged to refute some of your assertions, such as, “you (and people replying to your thread) seem to feel that your opinion on this issue is more valid than any other monolingual parent”. I don’t see any justification for this assertion: it’s not true.

You say that this forum is “an environment where people are looking for support in non-native bilingualism”. I don’t accept your right to specify the purpose of the forum. My contribution addresses the issue with which this site is concerned, head on. You can’t demand that I have a particular attitude to the issue before I am allowed to participate.

You say that I assume “that a parents (sic) should not speak any language other than their native language to their child”, and that I “want to stop people from talking a non-native language with their child”. No I don’t. I am not criticizing parents who speak one or more foreign languages to their children. I am expressing my disagreement with parents who do not speak their own native language to their children.

The difference between what I am actually saying, and what you assert me to be assuming, is the whole point of my contribution. Please read it again in that light. I nowhere say “speak to children in your native language only”. It is not my opinion.

You say that you know from looking at your son, that you are not damaging him. Good. You can only have come to this answer by asking yourself privately the question that I am asking publicly. It’s wrong of you to try to forbid me from doing that. What is the problem if I am expressing my opinion so persuasively that I do change someone’s mind? Maybe I’m right. Disagreeing with you is not proof that I am wrong.

I started this thread because I think that parents should speak to their children in their native language, and I keep trying to say why.


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