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Getting Started
10 Steps to Raising a
Multilingual Child

What is the best way to raise a multilingual child? With these tips you’ll be off to a flying start!
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If Not Now, Maybe Never…
Waiting for the right time to start your child’s language? Here’s why is it not a good idea to wait too long. read more
Older Kids: Late For The Dance?
How do you introduce older kids to multilingualism? Working abroad soon? Want to take advantage of your baby sitter’s native
language? Or, you just didn’t think of the possibilty of multiple languages when your child was born? No worries, there is no need to become a wall flower at the multilingual dance just because you’re a bit late.
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Things to Consider
Choose The Right Language System
Take a look at a few different Language Systems, how they work, and why you need one. Which is the best match for your family? read more
Fact or Fiction?
Everybody will have
opinions on your choice to raise a multilingual child. Here are some common myths and why they are wrong. read more
The Pros and Cons of Multilingualism
So, all misconceptions aside — what are the pros and cons of raising children with more than one language? read more
"Thanks for all the encouragement; we’ve been close to quitting more than once. Cheers! "
He who knows no foreign language
does not know his own.
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Your Guide to Raising Bilingual Children