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Katherine Valossi

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I live in Greece but was born and raised in the US until I was nine by my Greek family, so I am bilingual my self. Having lived in Greece now for so long I am not used to speaking English on a daily basis or in my everyday life, so I never spoke much English to my now 15m old daughter. She seems to understand everything we say in Greek and is starting to say her first words, so I’m thinking is this a good time to start speaking to her in English? I’m afraid I might end up confusing her. I do sing songs, read English books and tell her that I love her in English but say everything else in Greek.
Do you think this would be a good time to begin? Or should I wait?
Thank you so much for your help. This web page has been helpful already.

Jim Petruska

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Not only is it not too early to start talking to your baby only in English,
you are 15 months late.
Confusing a baby ??? Any baby can learn Papua or Chinese or Arabic or the
combination of any two-three languages. Not only they can – they do.
Unless the parents think they can confuse a baby.
Confuse ? They don’t even know what they are doing – they just learn it.
Good luck.

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Hi Katherine:

I am curious to know what you decided to do about teaching your daughter English?  Thanks, Ann

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