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My son is currently 18 months old.  We live in the United states.  My husband is originally from El Salvador.  I speak only english and my husband speaks english and spanish.  We primarily spoke english to my son from the time he was born until he was 15 months old. He was developmentally on track  saying 18 words at 15 months and 1 2-word phrase at that time.

At 15 months my husband decided that he would like to exclusively speak spanish to our son. I support/encouraged this.  I am still speaking english to him.  At 16 months my son completely stopped speaking.  He has been tested and his hearing is great.  He comprehends both languages by his actions and reactions.  He has started to communicate solely through gestures and jabbering in some sort of “language” where he acts ans though he is speaking in full complete sentences but making no actual words in spanish or english.  I would like to know if this is normal when introducing a new language or if I should be concerned.  

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