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Gozde Erdenay

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What is the best approach of teaching french and english at the same time to non-native speaker (mother language is turkish? preschool kids.Some resources Like dinolingo doesn’doesn’t recommend to teach both.

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Hi Gozde,

We have the same situation. We live in Turkiye and my girl just started to talk turkish. But when we are alone I speak in English with her.

Now we will move into france. She is 22 months old. I know a little french. We can’t talk french at home. So I will take her to play groups to learn french. But I’m not sure if ıts sufficient for her. She has to learn French. Should I forget about talking in English and begin practissing french with her or would she learn french by going to play classes?

What did you do so far? did you find a solution?



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Hello. I have the same question. I have a 4.5 y/o currently in an American preschool 4 hours/day. We speak Spanish at home and he is pretty much fluent in it. Now the time to enroll in kindergarten has arrived and my husband and I were thinking in a full immersion French-American school. He does have a mild central auditory processing problem currently under speech therapy weekly.

I was wondering if anybody has some experience in a similar situation and how your kid/s did in this situation. I am worried it could be too much for him to manage He has a very positive attitude towards school that I would like to preserve.

Thanks for reading this far ? and I would really appreciate your advice.


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