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10 Tips for Boosting Languages
We all run out of ideas sometimes. Here are a few tricks if you want to provide more language interaction. read more
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Setting Goals
How well does your child need to speak? What does it take? Are you aiming for full literacy? read more
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  • Customize this flyer (US A4) for advertising your Play Group. Thanks to Charlotte!
  • Going overboard? Don’t get caught in the "Super Baby Trap."
  • Quick Tips: Top 10 mistakes by parents.
Let’s Get Together
Play Groups
Who is the un- surpassed language teacher for you child? Other kids!
read more
Immersion Program
Living and breathing a foreign language? What you can expect from an immersion program. read more
Quality vs. Quantity
Do you feel that your child doesn’t get enough exposure to the minority language? Remember, it is not only quantity, quality matters too. read more
Featured Tip: Skype
Skype is a parent favorite. Brilliant for older kids! Practice with native speakers on the phone. Call around the world free (or dirt cheap). read more
I cannot teach anybody anything,
I can only make them think.
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