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I’m from Kinshasa in Congo (Central Africa), my husband is Italian and we live in London UK.

I have a 3 months-old baby boy. I speak to him in French and his dad speaks Italian. We met in Africa so we speak French together. I absolutely want my son to speak French because it is spoken in many countries and because I want him to be able to speak with my family in Africa.

He will probably pick up English with other children or on the street… But French-Italian and English… : is it too many languages? Should my husband forget teaching him Italian?


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IMO:Ask your husband to skip on the Italian till your child is 3 yrs of age. All of you speak the community language (English) till your child is ~3. When your kid starts to understand the concept of languages being different, start to talk in your respective language. This will prepare her for being highly proficient in English, which is most important, and gives him ability to pick up French and Italian quick enough to understand if needed.

Dawn Y.

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My daughter is almost 2 years old. She is learning English, Spanish, French and Korean. She is speaking sentences in both English and Spanish and she recently started using Korean words correctly. Her French is the weakest of the four. Her father and I only speak English.

Do NOT drop any of the languages. Kids can learn up to 5 languages simultaneously.

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