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Beware the Super Baby Trap!
Being aware of how baby absorbs language most efficiently is great, but there is no need to go overboard! Some 20 years ago, it became very popular to send children to an "academic" daycare, particularly in the U.S.

These “Super-Baby Institutes” had strict curricula, highly advanced lessons, and specialty-trained staff. It was all set off by the knowledge that babies are more advanced than previously believed. Course materials were expensive, and the training highly structured and time-consuming. As in any case of drastic swings of the pendulum, it was significantly overdone and did not deliver on its promise. However, the backlash didn’t take long as “all baby needs is love” became the expert’s new mantra.

Balance always seems to be the best option. So, just because there was a trend to go overboard, that’s no reason to waste the inherent potential of your baby. Particularly, when research overwhelmingly shows that if you just start early enough, your baby can easily learn two or more languages simultaneously. If you keep the learning relaxing and fun, go with what your baby is showing interest in, then you will easily maintain a good balance.

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