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Hi everyone!

I’ve been reading through the forum with great, although still only theoretical, interest.
My partner and I don’t have kids yet, but we have been talking about possibilities of raising bilingual children.
I grew up bilingual in English and German, living in Germany since my third birthday where I attended school and still live. English was my minority language as my English speaking father lives in Scotland and I mostly used English when visiting that side of the family or in reading and watching movies.
I am fluent in English, but German is my every day language.
My partner is German, but is very good in English. So good in fact, that his vocabulary is greater than mine and of some of my Scottish relatives (according to them). He even understands the broad Fife my father talks! 🙂
We both read and watch movies nearly entirely in English.
I understand the two most common methods of raising bilingual kids is OPOL or MLAH, but I don’t think this would work for us. I am not willing to commit to talking only English to future children and my partner and me changing to talking English to one another at home would also feel strange. So I thought of a combination of both and would like to hear your thought:

My partner and I will talk English when we are alone with the child, at home or when out. When we are together or with other people we will talk German.

We should probably not worry to much as English is the number one foreign language kids learn at school or even nursery (an English speaking nursery being an additional possibility) in Germany, but I would like my children to be able to communicate with their Scottish family without difficulties.

Do you think One Language When Alone could work?

Cheers for reading so far,

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