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Today my 2 year old and I made two delightful discoveries.  You Tube ( carries the music video of one of her favorite French kids songs “Les cow-boys” by Bébé Lilly and T’choupi cartoons!  We would not have likely spent the money to buy T’choupi dvds and now we can’t wait to see which other kids shows might be out there. 

As with anything on the web make sure that you verify the integrity of the videos and watch them with your little ones.  There are quite a few voice-overs of kids programs that contain adult themes.

Happy viewing!
OPOL French/English
St. Louis, MO

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We’ve found “L’Ane Trotro” to be delightful. They have several episodes in YouTube.

“Tchoupi” is quite cute too.

We have also found many 8-minute-long episodes of “Pocoyo”, an adorable, funny, award-winning show from Spain. You can watch it in English, Spanish and a few other languages.

Nickey 8/04


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