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Paolo Dabbeni

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A great service we just got and it is not very advertise is the telephone via your broadband line, a little company called Sunrocket has great deals that for a family like ours is just amazing. My family is all back in Italy and sometime is hard to meet in front of the computer for live chats with web cam. Sunrocket gives 200 free minutes a month and .03 a minute to call Italy, so my daughter can call whenever she wants, if the grandparents are still awake! I know it sound like an advertisement but I know first hand how expensive those international calls can be.




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Hi Paolo,

Great minds think alike 😉 We use Voice over IP all the time too for the kids to chat away. Great for the language, and for me it is really importat that they maintain a bond with their grandparents and cousins!

We use Skype (free) and I’m thourougly impressed with them. I’ve tried almost every VOIP service out there and this is my favorite, hands down — easy to use, always works, and good voice quality (even Grandpa installed it in five minutes, and he’s now the biggest fan).

Thaks for your tip!
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Christina Bosemark
Founder & List Moderator
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