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Hi everyone,my name is Francesca and I’m Italian but I’ve lived in US for almost 4 years, so I fluently speak and write in English. Since I was living in Texas, I’ve learned (and studied)also Spanish, but I’m not as good as in English. Nevertheless, I can speak and read quite good.
Anyway, I moved back to Italy because my husband works here. He speaks Italian and some English (let’s say, the same way I speak Spanish).
Now we are planning on having a baby, and we were talking about speaking to the baby in a language every other day (like Monday English, Tuesday Italian, Wednesday Spanish, and so on).
Now I read that it is better is each parent speaks a language to the child and maybe a common one with each other.
So I was wondering about some solutions…could you please tell me which one is the best and which ones are feasible(please, remember that outside these 4 walls, everybody speaks Italian/dialect only…we don’t live in a well diversified town)? 
1)I speak Spanish, my husband speaks Italian, we speak English with each other 4 days a week (consecutively?), and 3 Italian (consecutively?)-This would be because we are not that used to speak English with each other all the time, and I’m afraid it could create some problems between us…
2)I speak English 4 days a week and Spanish 3 days a week, my husband speaks Italian, and we talk to each other in English (3 days a week) and Italian (4 days a week).
3)I speak English, my husband speaks in Italian and we speak in Italian but I read the stories in Spanish at night…

Or…what else could we do? I really want our child to be multilingual and this town really isn’t…and there are not even schools that speak only English or any other language…
Having a nanny is not really feasible for us…it’s just too expensive… We could think about an au pair, but our house is not that big…we only have 2 bedrooms…ours and the child’s…

Please help, or I won’t sleep at night here!!!



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