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So, here is my case, I have two children, an almost 5 boy and an almost 9 girl, they were both born in Portugal, same as me and my husband, at home we only speak Portuguese and they are both fluent, my older daughter can’t write very well but I don’t see this as a problem.

Almost three years ago we moved to the Italian part of Switzerland, my husband is fluent in Italian and I had some notions has well, the kids started school and they now speak regular Italian outside our home, my daughter has learned to read and write in Italian (she is finishing 3rd grade). We all speak In Italian when in social situations.

They also have some knowledge of English because their grandparents speak English and we often use the language.

A few months ago my husband took a job in the French part of Switzerland and we are now considering moving, but our biggest concern is the kids and the need to learn another language in a short period of time. My daughter has started French in school this year and she seems to be doing very well, but will she adapt easily to full classes in French? My son will start his final pre-school year next September, will it be enough to then start school in yet another language? Neither me or my husband speak French so we wouldn’t even be able to help them much.

My concern is if this move will do more harm than good. We like it here and we are considering staying for their sake, they have started growing roots here and that’s important for us. They’re dad is way on week days but we have been able to manage, it is not the greatest situation but their well being comes first.

Anyone in a similar situation?




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